World Cup: Goal in favor of mental health!

Everyone talks about the World Cup in these days. Entire countries are paralyzed with the emotion of this sporting event, friends bet on who will be the champion, many get up very early to see the games played in South Africa. But beyond the normal emotion of an event of this magnitude, being a fan of some team, can bring you health benefits. In Vida y Salud we tell you more.

The Spanish-speaking world is very well represented in this football world that takes place in South Africa: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal. I dare to include the United States, which although it is not part of Ibero-America, does include many Latinos and many feel identified with its flag. There are several teams to choose from. Many with good level and many stars that offer a show with their masterful plays.

If you are a football fan and since before the World Cup you had already filled your bets, you get up at any time to avoid losing matches, social plans weapons around the game and every time your country or country of your preference put a goal, you feel that you get the heart of emotion. You should know that the world cup besides fun, brings you benefits for mental health.

Several scientists, including some from Indiana University, have concluded that fans of a team and those who go to games and suffer and celebrate with victories and defeats, benefit because they develop a feeling that they belong to a group and to a group. that connect with others. Soccer seems to strengthen the bonds of friendship and promotes the birth of other new friendships. A World Cup match can be the perfect excuse to meet friends, drink, eat and share a good time, even if the team suffers a defeat.

In addition, being a fan of a winning team, positively affects self-esteem, by a phenomenon known in psychology as “reflected glory”. The “fans” or followers of a winning team feel almost “all powerful” and good with themselves.

According to psychologists at Frostburg State University in Maryland, there are physiological reasons for increasing self-confidence: testosterone, the male hormone, seems to be responsible. In previous studies, samples of the saliva of some of the Italian and Brazilian fans were analyzed when they met in the final of the World Cup in 1994, of which Brazil became champion. After the game, the testosterone levels of the Brazilian followers had risen by 20%, while the levels of this hormone also dropped by 20% in the followers of Italy.

The fact is that the world football festival strengthens ties, awakens emotions and even reinforces national identity. All are good things for mental and emotional health. Enjoy this sports festival and win the best!

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