Conquer it with your scent of a woman

It is not true that you need an expensive perfume to attract the man you like.According to a recent study, the natural smell of women, especially when we are ovulating, is much more attractive to our male partners.

If you are one of those who “bathes” in perfume every time you go out, after reading this article you probably want to reconsider your strategy to conquer the man you like.

Although many of us are ashamed of our body odors, according to research conducted by the Florida State University, the natural smell of women has a much more powerful effect on men than any perfume. Especially when we are in our most fertile moment, that is, when we are ovulating, we can cause an increase in testosterone levels in men … in other words, we can increase their sexual desire.

How did you come to this conclusion? Researchers Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner asked a group of women to wear T-shirts for three nights at different times during their menstrual cycle. Then, they asked a group of men to smell the women’s shirts, as well as other t-shirts that nobody had worn.

In assessing the men’s saliva, they discovered that those who had smelled the t-shirts of a woman who was ovulating, had higher levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone). In contrast, those who smelled the t-shirts of the women who were not ovulating had lower testosterone levels, and you can imagine what happened to the hormones from which they smelled t-shirts that nobody had worn.

In addition, when researchers asked men to evaluate odors on T-shirts, most said that women who were ovulating t-shirts were the ones with the most pleasant smell.

Is that why men rarely notice the perfumes we use? Can be. But what this study teaches us definitely is that the attraction between men and women goes far beyond what we put on the body. Moreover, we could say that the body is naturally our most powerful weapon of seduction.

One more reason to love our body as it is and enjoy our simple but powerful “woman’s scent”.

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