4 tips for the care of your prescription lenses

When it comes to taking care of your prescription lenses, there is a very simple rule whose compliance virtually guarantees years of performance of your glasses: if they are not on your face, keep them in a case.

The problem is that nobody really follows this rule at all times (you know yourself). If – like most of us – you do not always use a solid case to store your prescription lenses, then the following maintenance and care tips will go a long way towards maintaining a healthy vision.

1, 2, 3, 4 of cleaning and protecting your lenses:

1. Keep them clean. But make it simple. Do not complicate yourself. To wash your prescription glasses, visual health professionals suggest that you gently rub the lenses with your fingers using warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth. That easy. Many ophthalmological providers sell ultra-thin, machine-washable microfiber cleaning cloths that remove dirt and dust. Get one. Avoid rubbing your glasses with rags, facial paper or paper towels as they can scratch them. And definitely avoid the use of homemade cleaners, acetone or creamy soaps because chemicals can damage the frames.

2. A sturdy case to store them. Store your lenses in a protective protective case when you are not using them to prevent scratching. Keeping them properly also helps keep them clean and protect their valuable frame. Never put prescription glasses in your purse, pocket or wallet without protection.

3. Support them carefully. Okay, you do not always use the case. But when placing your prescription lenses on a table or desk, at least close the frame before supporting them. Always place them with the frame facing down to avoid scratching the lenses. The floor is never a good place to leave your glasses. And when you’re in the bathroom, remember: The sink or sink or toilet puts your glasses in a dangerous position. Splashes, sprays and cosmetic products can stain your lenses before you know it. And what’s worse, anti-reflex (AR) treatments can be damaged by the sprays or perfumes you use.

4. Keep your glasses on your nose, not on your head. Prescription glasses are designed to be placed on your nose, in front of your eyes, not on your head. If you support them on the head the frames can be misaligned, making even the cleanest lenses lose their effectiveness by not being located correctly in front of your eyes.

With these four simple measures, your glasses will last a long time in optimal conditions to take care of your eyes and improve your vision.

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